Magic starts in the kitchen

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Baking, cooking, creating crafts, exercising, designing, sewing, listening to music and reading fill my daily life. I started out my natural living making and using body and household products with only all natural, plant based ingredients. I would also share the knowledge and the stuff I made with friends and families.

One day while I was shopping for lip balms (I love using lip balms and always have one in my bag), I started to read the list of ingredients. Petrolatum, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, parabens, oxybenzone, artificial fragrance and flavour are all common synthetic ingredients in many brands of lip balms on the market. Suddenly, I don't want to buy any lip balms but I can't live without one as I live in a tropical climate and my lips crack easily and I am always in the sun. So I decided I have to make my own lip balms. At the same time, my two children were having cracked lips too. 

After much research and many, many rounds of testing, I think I have created a formula that I am happy with. And not only does the lip balm provides moisture and goodness for the lips, it soothed and healed cracked lips too. And they are completely safe to use as all the ingredients are edible. Although the ingredients are edible, most of them don't taste that good. LOL! But when they are combined together, magic happens! I decided to use vegan ingredients too as I believe everyone including our vegetarian and vegan friends would also enjoy using the lip balms.

That is how Balm Kitchen started and we will continue our very best to make simple and natural, plant based vegan balms for all to use and enjoy the benefits.


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