What's in your bag?

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Hello everyone! I had a great weekend and I hope all of you had a blast too! 

I always carry a big bag with me to lug around all my stuff which I can't do without! Things like my umbrella, wallet, tissue, homemade natural hand sanitiser (I'll put up a tutorial soon), notebook, pen, perfume, sunglasses and most importantly, my lip balm! 

I cannot live without my lip balm as it protects my lips from the hot, hot sun we have here in sunny island Singapore...I even sleep with a slather of lip balm on my lips to nourish them throughout the night. Balm Kitchen lip balm has nourishing ingredients like sweet almond oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and also mango butter which will moisturise my lips and keep them smooth and kissable. :-P

My favourite at the moment is Very Vanilla lip balm which is made with sweet almond oil infused with vanilla beans. I love the aroma of vanilla. I love vanilla ice cream (eggless and I make them myself too!) and vanilla sugar (another tutorial soon) which gives a lovely aroma to my cup of tea. Vanilla extract, vanilla bean paste and vanilla pods are essentials in my pantry.

By the way, do you know that Balm Kitchen lip balm can also act as an 'emergency' cuticle balm too. You can apply a little of the lip balm on your cuticle if it gets too dry. It's like a multi-purpose balm!

What's in your bag? ^__^

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