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I had a vision. A vision to be someone. Someone who is significant. What significance meant to me was to be able to help another in whatever small ways I can. That is one of the reasons why I started my own business and a less ventured industry, the handcrafted artisan green skincare.

I started Balm Kitchen with a simple idea to create plant-based lip balms that I do not have to worry about 'accidentally' ingesting the ingredients or my children doing the same thing. I also wanted to create a moisturiser that would soothe my son's atopic eczema without worrying about the side effects of long term use. It led me to research existing brands and the ingredients they were using in their products. I was a fast learner and picked up handcrafting skincare easily. It was very exciting to see my very own handmade products that deliver what I wanted and that it was well received by friends and families.

That was just the start to a love affair with skincare formulations. I am an eager learner. I want to know everything I can about why such ingredients work and why some don't. I want to know more about how cosmetic substances are absorbed into the skin and how it affect us. I wanted to know about the science. There's always a scientific explanation to everything (well that's my opinion) although I do believe in fairies and angels!

So my hunger for more knowledge led me to search for a course on cosmetic studies particularly organic cosmetic formulations. There wasn't any course available locally so I had to search online. It didn't take me long to find Formula Botanica, an Organic Cosmetic Science School based in the UK. What attracted me to the school are the courses it offered especially the International Skincare Entrepreneur Programme. That is what I want. I want to be a Skincare Entrepreneur. It only took me ten minutes to sign up for the course. 

Soon I received emails on how to go about studying online for the courses I've signed up. It was perfect! I love self-study and I always have discipline for that. I like the fact that the courses do not spoon feed us like what our education here is about. I immediately dive into the first module of my Diploma. It was like discovering a pandora box!!! I told myself, this is what I need to propel me further into the organic skincare industry. I became obsessed with studying, experimenting with ingredients that I've blown my budget! 

It has already been almost a year and I have already completed my Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation. I hold a Certificate in Natural Cosmetics Preservation. I am also a licensed tutor from Formula Botanica. Teaching workshops used to be a dream but I have turned my dream into a reality with the help from Formula Botanica. Although I have yet to conduct workshops under the school, I have already started teaching workshops of my own and into my fifth month of teaching. It has never bring me so much joy to share the knowledge and passion I've gained with my workshop participants.

To invest in myself and equip with the knowledge that could bring me closer to my goals are some of the best things I've ever done. The other is being a mother to my two lovely children.

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