It's cleaning day!

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I love cleaning day! My home smells wonderful and everything is tidied up and thoroughly clean naturally, the non-toxic way.

Many supermarket brands of household cleaners are laden with toxic ingredients such as Triclosan, SLS, SLES, MPEs, DEA, Ammonia, and many more synthetic chemicals. Sure some of these synthetic chemicals clean well (or rather too well), some are anti-bacterial, and many uses artificial fragrances. We want to clean our home but not have to worry about little hands and legs crawling on the floor, licking or chewing furnitures with all the toxic residues from the cleaning agents.

We have been so obsessed with cleanliness that we must have anti-bacterial this and anti-bacterial that. We are certainly overdoing it. What we have been doing for so long have many impacts in our immune system. We get sick easily, take a longer time to recover and then we fall sick again after recovering. Then we wonder why. We are taking too much bacteria away. We want to reduce it to an acceptable level where we can build immunity against it. Yeap, you heard me right. We need bacteria. The good ones. Like those Lactobacillus acidophilus that are found in cultured milk drinks and yoghurts which aids in digestion and maintain a healthy environment in our gut system. When we remove 99.999999999% of bacteria, we are also clearing away the good ones which help to build up our immune system. So according to some reseachers reported on NBC News, being too clean is bad for us especially our children.

So, what do I clean my home with, you may ask. The answer is simple. In fact, it has always been simple to clean. Our ancestors have been using baking soda, vinegar, hot water, lemon juice, soap nuts, among other natural stuff to clean. I will share with you a natural and simple cleaning method that your body will thank you for it.

Things you need:

  • Vinegar (white or apple cider)
  • Plant based dish detergent
  • Essential oil of your choice (e.g. lemon, orange, lavender, tea tree)


For cleaning the floor.

  1. Fill your regular pail 3/4 high with hot or cold water.
  2. Add a teaspoon of vinegar or two to it (depending on your floor area).
  3. Add two teaspoon or a tablespoon of the plant based dish detergent (same depending on your floor area).
  4. Add 20 - 40 drops of essential oil to the mixture.
  5. Start mopping away!

For cleaning of surfaces.

  1. Take a small pail and fill with a litre of warm or cold water.
  2. Add 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar.
  3. Add 1/2 teaspoon of the plant based dish detergent. 
  4. Add 10 - 20 drops of essential oil to the mixture.
  5. Start cleaning away!

Vinegar is a great cleaning ingredient. It is natural and biodegradable. It has great antimicrobial properties making it a perfect choice for natural cleaning the non-toxic way. You don't have to worry too much about the smell of the vinegar. Once the floor or surface has dried, the smell would have dissipated by then. The essential oil in the cleaning mixture helps to scent the room too!

Have fun cleaning, the natural way of course!

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Thank You!

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We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Public Garden for having us and also to all you lovely folks for dropping by our booth last weekend at TripleOne Somerset and showing us your love and support! You have made our first market a wonderful and fun experience! We hope you enjoy using our products and would love to get your feedbacks too. For those who have missed us, we will be back soon at Public Garden, 20 – 21 September, Sat & Sun at the same venue (TripleOne Somerset). We will be introducing some new products too! Do look out for it!

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Our very first market!

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A vanilla life

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"I believe that I have such a vanilla life."

– Jen Lancaster

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Have you done your exfoliation today?

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I would like to share a tip with everyone that I think it's great as part of your regular skin maintenance. Exfoliation is beneficial and essential for healthy skin. We are constantly shedding dead skin cells and if we do not remove them, they will continue to build up and thus might cause clogging of the pores or even make your skin feel like sandpaper! So how often should we exfoliate and how should we do it? There are many products in the market that can be used to exfoliate your facial skin or your body. There are the scrubs, loofahs, brushes, walnut shells, micro beads, sugar and salt to name a few. We want to exfoliate our skin gently. It is good to exfoliate at least twice a week to maintain healthy skin. 

Have you tried using sugar to exfoliate your skin? The soft sugar such as coconut palm sugar or rapadura sugar are suitable to be used on the face. It can be used as exfoliation of dead skin cells and not have to worry that we over-scrub our skin harshly. It is a natural product that everyone can use with ease, is cheap and smells lovely naturally!

This is how you can exfoliate your skin regularly and cheaply too! 

  • For facial exfoliation – Add 1/4 teaspoon of soft sugar to your favourite facial cleanser and wash your face in circular motions (promote blood circulations too). Gently massage onto your skin in circular motions for 30 seconds. Remember, we want to exfoliate our skin and not overdo it. After that, wash your face with water, tone and moisturise as usual.
  • For body exfoliation – Add about a tablespoon of soft sugar or fine sugar to your body cleanser or wet body. Massage your skin especially around your elbows, knees and heels in circular motion for about a minute. Rinse and moisturise with body balm, butter, cream or lotion of your choice.

Exfoliation is essential for healthy skin maintenance. Have you done your exfoliation today?

Note: Physical exfoliation is not suitable for sensitive skin as it will increase the skin's sensitivity due to the exfoliation activities.


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