Gua sha with pouch
Gua sha with 5ml facial oil serum
Gua Sha Tool

Gua Sha Tool

Gua sha刮痧 ) is a traditional Chinese alternative treatment that is used to alleviate problems in the body. Facial gua sha is used to beautify the skin by improving blood circulation, skin tone, smoothen wrinkles and is especially useful for lymphatic drainage. It has been proven scientifically to improve surface blood circulation by up to 400%!

Complement your daily facial regime with our handcrafted Xiuyan Jade gua sha tool to achieve that healthy glowing skin. All you need is just 5 minutes a day for some self-care.

Each Xiuyan Jade gua sha tool is unique with the colours ranging from creamy white/green, to mid olive green with black/white inclusions to part transparent. There may be slight imperfections on the stone as they are handcrafted from genuine raw stones.

Every gua sha includes:
• Specially made faux suede pouch embossed with the heart chakra logo
• 5ml Super fruit defense facial oil serum
• Quick guide to gua sha

Approximate size & thickness: 8cm (H) x 5cm (W), 5mm

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5 mins facial gua sha steps (see face map):
Apply a layer of facial oil such as our Super Fruit Defense facial oil serum before the gua sha. Always apply gentle but firm pressure during gua sha in slow rhythmic strokes. Start with one side of the face and continue to the other side. Gua sha in 10 strokes for each sections. Slight flushing may occur on the face. Wash gua sha tool with soapy water after every use.  

1. Start with the middle of the chin. Sweep upwards to the mid point. From mid point, sweep towards ear lobes. End with sweeping down the neck for lympatic drainage.
2. From tip of lips, sweep up towards the ear. End with sweeping down the neck for lympatic drainage.
3. Sweep up and down the corner of the nose. 
4. Sweep over the curves of the cheeks towards the ear. End with sweeping down the neck for lympatic drainage.
5. From the inner corner of the eye socket, gently sweep towards the outer area. Try not to pull too hard on the skin around the eye area. End with sweeping down the neck for lympatic drainage.
6. On the eyebrows, sweep towards the temple. 
7. Sweep in circular motion in the middle of the forehead.
8. Sweep towards the end of the forehead. End with sweeping down the neck for lympatic drainage.
9. Using the 'V' shape of the gua sha tool, place it in between your chin and sweep up towards the ear. End with sweeping down the neck for lympatic drainage.
10. End facial gua sha by using the two tips to firmly press on the acupressure points and hold for 10 seconds.

 Useful information about Xiuyan Jade:
• Jade is known for it's calming, soothing and healing properties.
• It is a protective stone for the wearer.
• Jade is a powerful cleansing stone emotionally and for the physical body. 

Useful information about Rose quartz (sold out):
• Rose quartz is known for it's healing properties.
• It is a crystal that represents the heart.
• Rose quartz helps to bring about affirmations of love and positivity. 

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