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Furoshiki wrapping cloth - Cat Red by Yumeji Takehisa

Cat Red by Yumeji Takehisa

Cat lovers rejoice! There are two little black cats at opposite corner of the Furoshiki wrapping cloth with flower motifs in between them. It's like these two fur friends are playing a game of catch!

• Dimensions: 48 x 48 cm.
• Material: 100% cotton.
• Weight: 47g.
• Made in Japan.
• Wash separately.
• Hand wash or low heat machine wash.
• Gift wrapping (small items such as bento boxes, skincare, books, etc)
• A truly versatile Furoshiki wrapping cloth that can be used as handkerchief, scarf, hair & bag tie, small bag, book cover, and many more. 
• Includes a "How to gift wrap" instruction leaflet.

About artist:
Yumeji Takehisa (1184-1934), is a great painter and leading figure during the Taisho Romanticism movement.

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