Environmental pollution not only affects our health but our skin too. The fine particulate matters penetrate into our skin and these deposits can cause skin problems such as inflammation, excessive sebum production, degradation of collagen, increased oxidative stress and pigmentation. All of these will affect the integrity of the skin barrier function and speed up ageing.

Start your facial care with our Anti-Pollution skincare and complete your skincare regime with weekly clay facial treatments for glowing healthy skin. Specially created for urban living.

(Removes makeup, sunscreen, excessive sebum, dirt and environmental pollutants)
Floral Cleansing Water
Rejuvenate Cleansing Balm & Mask
Bamboo Facial Polish

Tone & Hydate
(Removes last traces of makeup, sunscreen, excessive sebum, dirt and environmental pollutants, tones and hydrates, replenishes antioxidants)
Antioxidant Facial Essence

(Rejuvenating & moisturising)
Super Fruit Facial Oil Serum

Weekly facial treatments
Clarifying Clay Mask - Normal to combination, oily skin
Nourishing Clay Mask - Normal to dry, mature skin