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[COVID-19 update: We have increased the cleansing and disinfection of our production studio. There is usually no more than 2 people working and safety precautions such as PPE is always in place according to GMP standards.]

We have included some information addressing commonly asked queries. If you have any unanswered questions, please direct them to

Our ingredients are purchased through our source of global raw cosmetic ingredients suppliers/manufacturers. They are lab tested for safety and microbial count to be used in cosmetic products. 

As a small business, getting certifications are costly and not sustainable for us at the moment. Although we are not a certified vegan or organic brand, we give our customers the assurance that our products are sourced from raw ingredients suppliers/manufacturers who have their ingredients certified vegan, organic and also no animal testings are conducted. Our suppliers have gone through our vetting system before we work with them. 

Due to the handcrafted nature of our fresh products, raw ingredients may differ slightly in colour, scent and texture based on factors such as soil conditions, climate, and harvesting methods. That is the beauty of using nature's ingredients. Our production uses Good Manufacturing Practice procedures to ensure quality consistency and control. While the balms' texture may feel gritty on occasion, rest assured that the texture and colour of our balms have no effect on the efficiency of the product.

Our products are made with botanical ingredients that are heat and light sensitive.  Please kindly keep your products in a cool, dry place and away from heat/light. There is no need to store your products in the refrigerator.

Shelf life
Best before end date (BBE) to indicate products are to be used by the indicated date.

Our recyclable lip balm tubes are made in USA and are BPA-free. All other products are packaged in recyclable PET and glass containers. We encourage customers to reuse/recycle the containers. We also fill our parcels with packing peanuts made from corn starch, recyclable tissue paper and kraft papers. The packing peanuts are completely biodegradable and can be composted in soil or dissolved in water. We are actively reusing packagings to wrap your orders.

    Usage on children
    Balm Kitchen products do not use petrolatum, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, and unnecessary synthetic ingredients. Our Calendula Gentle Body Balm and Chamomile Gentle Hair & Body wash are specially formulated for sensitive fragile skin such as babies as we understand their needs (we're mothers too!). Only organic ingredients are used for our gentle care range of products. We recommend our Calendula Gentle Body Balm to be used for nappy rash, dry & itchy skin or simply to use as a daily moisturiser. The body balm is also suitable for nursing mothers to provide relief for cracked/sore nipples.

    Our products are safe to be used during pregnancy.

    Allergy testing and skin sensitivity
    Our products are formulated for normal skin. We use essential oils that sensitive skin may react to and do not recommend our body scrubs for those with sensitive skin as scrubs can heighten sensitivity. Our balms are also made with sweet almond oil and coconut oil, which may trigger tree nut allergies. As with any product, we recommend patch testing before use. Visit us at our studio to try our samples.

    We currently ship only within Singapore. For overseas shipping enquiries, please write to us at