Curious to find out what goes into your cosmetics and skincare products? Do you want to take charge of your skin health? Do you enjoy handmade projects? Yes, you are at the right place! Sign up for a workshop with Founder Teresa Foo to try your hands at formulating your very own lip balms, facial oils, and other natural beauty products. Our classes cater to a maximum of 4 participants at a time to maximise learning. 

We offer corporate rates for our corporate workshops. Drop us a mail at info@balmkitchen.com to get in touch with us. Some of our corporate clients include Shell, Yishun Community Hospital, iWhite and PSA Club.

[ Teresa Foo holds a Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and Advanced Diploma in Organic Skincare Science. ]

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What our workshop participants say
'It was a hugely enjoyable class and your attitude of wanting to share what you've learnt with others is truly remarkable and inspiring.’ – Poorna

'Really enjoyed the session!’ – Angie

'Nothing beats using beauty items made by oneself from scratch. I can't wait to attend more of your workshops!’ – Jasmine

'Loving my handmade facial and body oils!' – Karen

'I enjoyed the session and meeting up with you. You are passionate about what you do and that's very inspiring. Thank you!' – Francesca

'I'm falling in love with oils...don't know how I didn't know about it earlier but at least now I know!' – Sukphanee

'My niece and I enjoyed ourselves at the workshop. Teresa explained the steps clearly and the ingredients used are simple and easy to get.' – Daphne

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Green Beauty Workshop
Are you intrigued by botanicals and their wonderful properties that are used in skincare? Let us show you the wonders of natural skincare. We will explore the potential of botanicals and how to use them to give you glowing skin.

Join us in our upcoming workshop on 27 January 2018, Saturday from 11am - 12.30pm. Sign up here.