Bamboo Facial Polish

Bamboo Facial Polish

Add the natural and unbleached bamboo facial polish to our Multi-purpose Rejuvenate Cleansing balm & Mask and turn it into a facial microdermabrasion. Gently buff away dull looking skin to reveal smoother, glowing skin!

Suitable for:
• Normal to dry, combination & oily skin

• Gently polishes skin of dead skin cells
• Encourage cell renewal
• Improve skin barrier which will facilitate better absorption of cosmetic ingredients

• Skin feels smoother and looks brighter instantly

How to use: 
Add a small amount to the cleansing balm or your favourite cleanser and turn it into a facial scrub! Can be used once daily (microdermabrasion) or twice weekly.

Bambusa arundinacea (bamboo) stem extract